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hey all

i will be running my course on Witchcraft and Magic, again starting sometime
in October this year. i have had a great time with the courses i have done
so far and enjoyed learning much from my students. yay.

This course is aimed at the intelligent beginner, or at someone who has read
quite a bit but not gone any further or done any practice as such. also
good for those who have been away from their path for sometime and want a
refresher so to speak. You don't have to of read any particular book for
these classes, however having a brief understanding of witchcraft and or
magic will be helpful but not important, (gosh that sounded like a job
advert.. eek!) I will have a further book reading list if you want it.

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right i believe that is all. if you have any questions or queries you can
email me at the address above or leave a reply here.

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for those that are interested  and in Wellington, some details under the cut!

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shamelessley stolen from  Letter from Hardscrabble Creek  Chas Cliftons Blogg

Three researchers are working to update Voices from the Pagan Census: A National Survey of Witches and Neo-Pagans in the United States, originally published in 2003.

Helen Berger, one of the researchers, writes, "This survey builds on an earlier one completed over twenty years ago, primarily in the United States, which was conducted by Helen A. Berger and Andras Arthen (of the EarthSpirit Community) entitled the Pagan Census.

"A number of scholars have noted that it would be helpful to have a follow-up of that survey to see if and how the community has changed or remained the same. The survey that follows uses many, although not all of the same questions that were in the original survey to provide that comparison. There are also new questions, for instance about the Internet, something that was of little interest 20 years ago but is now, and some from other studies, that again permit a comparison. This has resulted in the survey being somewhat long--we appreciate your taking the time to complete it."

Please feel free
to spread this URL around the Pagan Web to get as wide a variety of respondents as possible.

its a long survey, however the site enables you to save it in that if you leave your tab open like i did and then hyperbate your computer you do not loose any of the data that you have painstakingly entered *phew*... also despite it being long it is well worth doing.. especially if you are a kiwipagan, cause you know we are here and we are kinda different like everyone else mmk.. *beams*

do be do

X posted to my own journal...
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now this is a question, or questions, that i have spent a long time pondering.  pondering about how other pagans perceive deity.


so how do you perceive deity?  and by that i mean gods and goddess. 


do you go with: I have listed a few of the more common ideas but I would love to here your own take on it. 


"all Deities are the same Deity  just manifested in many different ways"


"Deities are individuals in their own right"

That is goddess and gods are separate entities with in there own right with separate lives, individual wants and needs. 


“Deity created humans” in that god created the world in 7 days kinda way


“Humans Created Deity”

In the need to explain the big wild word around them, and the nasty stuff that happened, humans created gods who were responsible for these happenings.  (this in many ways is a very durkheim  (think crusty old theorist)  who said that humans created gods because they needed a parental figure to take responsibility for everything that they didn’t understand. 


“There is no such thing as Deity”

Deities is just anthropomorphised characteristics created by humans.  (by anthropomorphised I means assigning human characteristics to)



“I acknowledge the existence of something out there that is bigger than me, it is indescribable and can not be contained with in such a simple concept as God and or Goddess”


“same as above with an added, however I choose to work with known deities, as it is much easier to comprehend rather than having to focus on the big unknown and unknowable  in the middle of a working” 


“ I am my own deity”




I know that there are many different ways of perceiving deity or not perceiving deity as the case may be. I just wanted to get the ball rolling, so to speak. There are no wrong or right answers, as everyone will have their own take, and own experience on deities, goddess and gods.  What my goal here was to get people thinking, and discussing.  Not for people to tell other people that their perceptions of deity are wrong because xyz. 


Ok play nice now. 



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Hi Everyone,

We're delighted to announce that the PagaNZ website
is now live and ready for visitors!

Please throw your support behind this venture - we're really enthusiastic about it and we know others will be too!



and on behalf of

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Its a different world out there.  If you think you have problems with being discriminated against for being pagan then read the following article, gleaned from the New Zealand Herald (5/5/07). You think you are a hardcore pagan?  Then check out the last paragraph.  The goddess is alive!


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On the off-chance anyone is interested...

I attended this conference last year and was mightily impressed and so I'll be going again this year. 

2nd Annual Alternative Expressions of the Numinous

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The Magick Earth Festival is back at Tatum Park in Levin for Easter 2007
Friday 6th April to Monday 9th April (three nights)

Cost for camping is Adults $15 a night if paid by the 3rd of March ($20 a night after)
with Communal Dinner and Breakfast included each day

Many more details at
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and i am selling them on Trademe

they are made from black calico, with new zealand craft print boarders all 100% (cotton as far as i am awear)and then painted with a spiral on one a pentagram on one and lastly the triple moon. there are two sizes

i will be making others with diffrent craft prints and designs painted on them so keep and eyeout there might be something that you like. !!

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