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Kiwi Pagans

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Welcome to Kiwi Pagans a place where pagans from New Zealand can hang out and discuss with one another about being Pagan in New Zealand. Pagans from other countries of course are welcome.

There are some rules..

Trolls will be sent back under the bridge from whence they came

Flaming and personal attacks of any sort will not be tolerated, it is better to argue or disagree with the information and ideas not the people who wrote them.

Flamers will be given one warning after that I’ll get the big stick out and there will be banning happening.

Spells and the like are not what this community is about so if you are looking for spell please try some where else.

Ritual advice and discussion however is welcome

Discussion and debate are welcome here; in fact they are to be encouraged as people can learn a lot from a good debate.

Different belief systems and world views are welcome but please remember that not everyone will see the world or believe what you do.

Now for you older pagans.. remember what it was like when you where all new and shiny to paganism and how fluffy you really where, so please don’t be to hard on the newbies as everyone had to start somewhere.

Newbies.. please remember to respect everyone and pay attention to what is being said as it might just tech you something and help you discover more about what it is to be pagan.

Everyone in general.. be respectful of other peoples opinions just because they are not yours or you don’t agree with them does not mean that they are wrong.!

And finally play nice cause I will be watching… *evil grins*

Disclaimer: these rules and wot not may change over time it will depend on how this community evolves. At the present time membership is not moderated nor is the posts or leaving comments. This may stay this way but then again it might change.. it will depend on what happens. And being as I am the moderator of this community I reserve the right to change things.. having said this I will welcome any input people have to offer on moderating pagan lj communities.

Let the fun begin