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and i am selling them on Trademe

they are made from black calico, with new zealand craft print boarders all 100% (cotton as far as i am awear)and then painted with a spiral on one a pentagram on one and lastly the triple moon. there are two sizes

i will be making others with diffrent craft prints and designs painted on them so keep and eyeout there might be something that you like. !!

pictures can be seen under hereCollapse )
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A question for you all.

Are Satanists pagans? Is Satanism a pagan path?

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I was reading a book about Wicca tonight and the stuff about brooms and their uses for clearing space for ritual caught my eye. Some reference to clearing out the astral clutter that accumulates wherever humans live.

It made me wonder. I don't clear any space in my home before any ritual because it doesn't need it. If my hosue needs clearing then it is because there is some great calamity occured (rare) or that the shields weren't working properly (also rare) And the moment there is a problem I fix it. (or get my husband to because he is Mr Shield extrodinaire.

But that is me. What about others out there? What kind of energies are there in your living spaces, and why? and do you have certain rituals that maintain that energy? what kind of rituals? How does the energy of your house/living space change with the seasons.

And back to the astral clutter, do you get it, and if so, what from?

Just curious about how these things are for others, anything you care to share is appreciated, but not meaning to invade privacy.

Cheers, Tigerweave
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Sgt. Patrick Stewart, a member of the Nevada National Guard, was over Afghanistan in September when his helicopter was shot from the sky.

Not really all that news worthy as many solders and civilians have died in this Afghanistan war, against what ever the hell they are fighting about, however when you add the details of this story it becomes quite newsworthy as really it is an outrage.

You see Sgt. Patrick Stewart, was Wiccan like many other American soldiers, and when American soldiers die in combat, they are buried in a war memorial type grave yard, and have a headstone with name, I’m guessing rank, and a religious symbol with which to recognise their beliefs, because while not all Americans are Christian (despite what cloud Mr Bush has his head in) they are religious.

However because Sgt. Patrick Stewart, is Wiccan the army, who recognise Wiccan as a religion and allow their soldiers to practice in the army, the powers that be had refused to allow the pagan religious symbol (a pentagram) to be place upon this headstone and memorial plaque , so there is a problem, and many many news articles about Sgt. Patrick Stewart, all over America, because really this is an outrage

The state department have not approved the Wiccan symbol of a pentagram as a suitable symbol to place on the plaques of soldiers that died during a war that is apparently about fighting for freedom and the American way.

So the widow is taking the state department to court and pagans all over the world are banding together and making a fuss, and oddly enough some right wing Christian groups are also making a fuss, saying that Sgt. Patrick Stewart, should be allowed the symbol of his faith on his plaque.

You think that the American government would pull their collective asses out of their presidents head, and approve the symbol, which would be the respectable thing to do.. but no.. instead they post-humerus(?) gave Sgt. Patrick Stewart, the purple heart and bronze star, which looks like they are bribing the widow to back down, but like the strong pagan trooper she is, she has not and you know what.. I am glad that she hasn’t which is why I am posting it in my lj. i hope she wins, I hope that more religious organisations around American join in and throw their weight around because really Mr Bush this is unacceptable behaviour, quite unacceptable. If you are going to take your soldiers out to play with, and some of them get killed, you should at least have the decency to respect their religious belief after all American was founded on religious belief and freedom of that religious belief.

ok done now...
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Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I was lying in bed half awake and feeling a bit confused (as you do). I'm sure I know the answers to this but my mind is drawing a blank, probably because of the late (or is that early?) hour.


What is the difference between Witchcraft (as a religion) and Wicca? IS there a difference? Or is Wicca just a new name for the religion of Witchcraft? I'm not talking about BTW or anything, just plain ol' Witchcraft, the religion.

I ask because I've been corresponding with a lady who is a Witch, she is not Wiccan, she believes Witchcraft is a religion and she comes from a long line of psychics/witches (She's actually told me a lot about myself which was pretty amazing that she knew these things just through email).

I digress, I'm wondering what exactly is the difference between the religion Witchcraft, and Wicca? Because I own plenty of books that talk about Witchcraft and not Wicca, but the similarities are prominent which leads me to wonder WHAT are the differences? My Witch friend says that Wicca is a "safe" version of Witchcraft. But I disagree, we can ("can" as in "learn") astral travel, do curses, invoke deities/spirits etc.

She is not very forthcoming with information of course, being a mystery religion and all. But I want to know the differences, are there differences in a traditional Witchcraft ritual to a Wiccan ritual? It would be handy to know, so in future, when I need her help/advice I'd know whether to ask her or whether I should actually seek out a Wiccan "elder" as it were.

Any help is appreciated. :)
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The Pagan Christ: Is Blind Faith Killing Christianity by Tom Harpur

This is the third book written on this theme that I have read over the last year or so and it has left me wondering whether it is possible for anyone to write convincingly in support of this thesis.

The idea that Harpur (and the others) are writing about is that the notion of ‘the Christ’ is not unique- and in fact is just one in a line of saviour figures of the Middle East. According to Harpur, the motif’s, themes and miracles that can be found in Jesus’ life can equally be found in other (particularly Egyptian) myth cycles. Harpur argues that the decision to understand Jesus in a historical or literalist sense (be it from a religious perspective or a materialist perspective) is a fundamental distortion of the message of Christ. It was never meant to be understood in this way, it was always meant to be understood in allegorical terms of the awaking of the soul.

This is an approach that I have a great deal of sympathy for and in broad terms I agree with what Harpur is trying to say. Its just a great pity that he is not saying it convincingly

The great mistake of the Early Church, according to Harpur, is the historicisation of the figure of the Christ rather than just keeping him as a mythic motif/allegory as, for instance, the myth of Horus the Redeemer (whom Harpur presents as the direct prototype of Jesus the Christ). In this the early Christians (as Christianity travelled to Greece and Rome) were deviating away from the accepted and common understanding of such figures in the Middle East- everyone in Judea knew that the Christ is an archetype but that understand was lost when it travelled to Rome. Such a claim by Harpur is simply ridiculous- not the least reason being that the first Christians were Jews and used to dealing with (the uniquely Jewish way of) historically emplacing their religious events/interventions/activities.

Chief among Harpur’s academic sins is his reliance on old material as source material. He quotes approvingly from such works as Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ (published about the time of the American Revolutionary War) and Higgins’ ‘Anacalypsis’ (1833), which is as much speculation as it is historical/archaeological fact. Harpur also draws extensively on Alvin Boyd Kuhn, who is another problematical author who, from what little of his that I have read, comes across as an amalgam of Joseph Campbell and the H.P. Blatvatsky (who founded the Theosophical Society). The other major source of Harpur is Gerald Massey, whom I have not read but I have to say that he does not lie down in the company of good fellows in Harpur’s book.

As an ‘academic’ work, while I have a great degree of sympathy for the basic thesis Harpur is trying to put across, surely it can be done in a better and more convincing way than this? However, the book is worth a read and makes a number of fine points and connections- but it can not be relied upon (IMHO) and any points or connections made need to be pursued and cross checked with more reputable sources before being taken onboard as fact.

However, the ‘The Pagan Christ’ is not really meant as an academic work (despite its pretensions of authenticity) but rather it is a challenge to Christians to try and re-understand the nature of the Christ and bring that nature into their own beings. Christ is not an external exemplar or a distant and unapproachable God on a Hill but rather is a state of consciousness through which divine grace can flow. Christ, according to Harpur, is not a once and only king but a state of being achievable by all of us.

Curiously enough, I also see value in Pagans reading the book as well. Among the neo-Pagan community it seems that the only discrimination that is largely tolerated is against Christians and Christianity. Many Pagans lampoon Christianity as a two dimensional, authoritarian faith that turns its believers into blinkered sheep. This book, I think, is a good introduction to how Christianity can be understood by believers in terms that, for many Pagans, makes sense- it turns Christianity into a viable belief system. Of course, the main issue is not really the viability of Christianity as a belief system but rather the neo-Pagan perception of Christianity (and no doubt many critics of Christianity will get the message that the Jesus figure is a rip-off of earlier Gods and thus completely miss the point).
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Kia ora koutou
Attached is a flyer about an exciting development - we have been invited
by Stonehenge Aotearoa to hold our Solstice ritual there, so Wits End have
organised bus transport to and from the henge for a sunset ritual,
followed by a super-sumptuous Yule dinner at Chapelli's in Featherston.
This is a package deal only as the agreement was for one vehicle only.
Numbers limited to 50 - first in will experience this historic event and
feel the magic of the combined energies of will, time and place.

Check out www.witsend.co.nz to order tickets, or email, phone, or call in
and see me by 18 June latest. Tickets $70 - confirmed reservations on

Accomodation for out-of-towners could be at Leeway Motel just across the
road from Wits End, or there are several B&B places in or near

The bus will leave promptly at 4pm as sunset will not wait for latecomers.

Dress very warmly and help stabilise the weather patterns with your good
intentions so we can have a truely memorable night of darkness and light!

Also, bring a twig or small branch from your immediate environment to bind
into the Yule log for the new year's blessings.

Blessed be, magic is afoot

Victoria Greenwitch Brown
Wits End
22a Fitzherbert Street
Featherston 5952
New Zealand
+64 6 308 9981
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I'm working on something at the moment and this question has cropped up.

How do we come to conclusions about correspondences? For instance, why do we know that Rosemary is for Protection uses?

And further to this (if it's not answered by your answer to initial question) how do you then come up with correspondences for a "new" item?

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