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Classes on witchcraft and magic in Wellington

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hey all

i will be running my course on Witchcraft and Magic, again starting sometime
in October this year. i have had a great time with the courses i have done
so far and enjoyed learning much from my students. yay.

This course is aimed at the intelligent beginner, or at someone who has read
quite a bit but not gone any further or done any practice as such. also
good for those who have been away from their path for sometime and want a
refresher so to speak. You don't have to of read any particular book for
these classes, however having a brief understanding of witchcraft and or
magic will be helpful but not important, (gosh that sounded like a job
advert.. eek!) I will have a further book reading list if you want it.

there are 13 classes in all which build on from one another so it is
important to commit to the whole course (all 13 classes once every
fortnight, so the course is six months long from October to to April or
there abouts) and if you really have to miss a class i am quite happy if you
arrange a catch up class.

The lessons will pretty much be a short lecture introducing the topic, then
dissuasion, then exercise and then more discussion. (although not every
class is like this) Each topic builds from the previous one so a commitment
is needed for all 13 classes. There will also be homework but not of the
essay kinda but more of the experience kinda with some journalling. (thus
you will need to purchase/obtain/make/borrow you sisters/ journal or book to
write in if you do not already have one) *beams*

classes will be held on a week night evening, from 6pm until 8pm

below is the currently list of the class topics (these are subject to change
depending on the currently classes feed back. *grins*)

1. Centering and Grounding
2. Visualisation & Meditation
3. Magic, Energy & Shielding
4. Directions & Elements
5. Ethics & Morals
6. Circles & Altars, Sacred Space & Shrines
7. Seasonal Cycles, Moon Cycles & the Land you Live In
8. Perceptions of Deity & the Divine
9. Guides, Power Allies & Totems
10. Rituals & Spells
11. Paths, Path-working & Journeying
12. Traditions, Styles, Groups, Community & Solitary
13. Daily Practice & Living your Magic.

so if you are interested please send me an email Urbanwitchery (at) gmail
(dot) com to express your interest and tell me why you want to do the

also i have a meet up of all the potential students about a 2 - 1 week
before the classes start so that we can meet one another to see if we suit.

right i believe that is all. if you have any questions or queries you can
email me at the address above or leave a reply here.

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