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Classes for 2010 on witchcraft and magic run by Polly

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for those that are interested  and in Wellington, some details under the cut!

I am going to be running classes on Witchcraft in magic, with the proposed start date of 22ndth March 2010 which is monday, (from 6pm untill 8pm held in courtney place, wellington) confirmation pending on room hire.

i have 7 spaces left  for those of you who are interested.  below are the details.


These classes are aimed at the intelligent beginner, or someone who has been reading a lot of books but now wants to get in the experience and practice of witchcraft and magic.  They could also be suitable for someone who has been doing magic and or witchcraft for a little while but wants to brush up on some of their skills or wants a different perspective. 

 There will be 13 classes in all, once a fortnight on a Monday night, gathering 5.45pm,. starting promptly at 6pm and finishing at 8pm.  With the first class currently planned for the 22th of March 2010 running through to  October the 4th, with a small break in the middle (june as i will be on holiday)

I have listed the class topics below.

The lessons will pretty much be a short lecture introducing the topic, then dissuasion, then exercise and then more discussion.  Each topic builds from the previous one so a commitment is needed for all 13 classes.  There will also be homework but not of the essay kinda but more of the experience kinda with some journaling. (thus you will need to purchase/obtain/make/borrow you sisters/ journal or book to write in if you do not already have one) *beams*

 I will be charging $16 per class or if you want to pay up front for all 13 classes then it will be $160

 You will need to commit to all 13 classes as they do follow on from one another  however i if an emergency comes up and you do miss a class you can make arrangements with me to do a catch up..however missing a whole bunch could be problematic *smiles*. 

 You don’t have to of read any particular book for these classes, however having a brief understanding of witchcraft and or magic will be helpful but not important, (gosh that sounded like a job advert.. eek!)  I will have a book reading list if you would like it tho. *smiles*

so if anyone here is interested in taking these classes, they can contact me MistressPolly  (at)  gmail (dot) com for more details or if they have any questions. 


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